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Natural Cork Yoga Mats

You work hard at your Yoga practice, but is your yoga mat providing you the same mindfulness that you put into your practice? Most commercial yoga mats are made from PFC, polyvinyl chloride. This compound, which makes vinyl spongy and keeps you from slipping. This same chemical has a darker side, not only is it  bad for the environment but their is mounting evidence that PFC exposure has health risks. 

Natural Cork and Rubber mats on the other hand provides many benefits that lets you focus on your yoga practice.


Cork Yoga Mat


The benefits of cork yoga mats

A Cork Yoga mat is an exceptional tool for Yoga enthusiasts, as it provides both beauty and practical benefits. A Cork Yoga mat has numerous benefits.

  1. The natural rubber bottom layer provides comfort and cushions your delicate joints.
  2. The soft-top layer is made of cork which is naturally anti-slip
  3. Natural yoga mat is not only comfortable, but it is also very easy to manage in terms of cleanliness. Just wipe down the mat with water and a towel. Cork is naturally anti-microbial so it prevents “Yoga Mat Stank.” You can use a natural cleaning agent if you want a deeper clean. Studies have shown a 70% reduction in Staph and 30 % reduction in e Coli colonies on cork surfaces.
  4. Cork yoga mats are natural, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.  Both the cork and rubber used to make these mats are renewable and natural resources.
  5. Cork yoga mats are biodegradable, unlike pfc mats which are are not recyclable and do not break down easily in landfills.

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Material: 100% natural rubber bottom + printed 100% natural cork top.
Size: 1830x610x3mm thick  (72 x 24 x .1/8 inches) (6×2 feet) ; Weight 5 pounds .


Cork Yoga Mat

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